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Apprends avec Little Pim: l'anglais! HD - Jeu éducatif et amusant pour apprendre l'anglais dès la maternelle

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The lovable panda Little Pim teaches children 3 to 6 years old their first words and short sentences in English! This app is based on the Entertainment Immersion Method™ and the award-winning Little Pim DVD series, and is part of the i Learn With educational program. “Little Pim gives parents a wonderful tool to stoke the natural linguistic learning aptitude of their little ones.” - THE ENTERTAINMENT IMMERSION METHOD ™ This method engages a child’s natural love of play and learning through repetition. For each game level, Little Pim first demonstrates a word or sentence both visually and orally, then helps the player acquire the vocabulary, and then validates and reinforces the newly acquired knowledge. Animation and interactivity help provide context in this immersive language learning experience. All instructions are in the language being taught. There are 3 themes: waking up in the morning, playing and mealtimes. In each activity your child plays 3 progressive levels with Little Pim. Level 1 – Nouns: Little Pim will introduce some words by comparing different pictures and working on listening skills. Level 2 – Verbs: Little Pim will teach how to use nouns with basic verbs to explore simple actions. Level 3 – Sentences: The last level is a combination of everything that was previously learned. Little Pim will help your child build short sentences. “Apprends Avec Little Pim : L'anglais!” is part of the Apprends Avec/i Learn With educational program for kids 3 to 6 years old, designed to get your child ready for school while having fun! Find out more on Need Help? Have questions, suggestions or concerns? Please email us at and we’ll be happy to help! Copyright © 2011 Little Pim Corporation. All rights reserved.