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Use any photo to create a game of touches and swipes in order to win. Freely share your games by email with friends and family. You can make games for all ages and for all occasions. Comes with several example games.

Kaje is pronounced just like “K G” or “cagey” (def. “crafty and shrewd). Each treasure hunt game is one picture, and your hunt is guided by hints about where to touch or swipe your finger across the picture. If you touch or swipe your way correctly through the hints, you win a treasure. Unlike most games, these are games that are simple to create and share.

To play a game simply select it from the list of games. Several example games come with Kaje. To play simply select the game and touch the picture. Then follow the hints. First try the “Learn Kaje” game to see how kaje works. If you click “+”, it will bring up the photos on your iPad. Select one and when it comes up, click “edit” to create a game. After you have entered your own touches, swipes, and hints, and your own prize, click “done” in the edit window, and the “done” button on the upper right and you have saved your new game. Games usually take less than five minutes to create. Now you can email the game to a friend or share and back it up through iTunes. If you receive a game in your email on your iPad, simply click the game and it will show up in Kaje, ready to play.
Kaje is for cagey birds. There is a cagey swipe to make the game more fun and challenging. You can also create fun games for young kids. Included with Kaje is Kaje’s Animal Noses game and a sample of what you can easily do for your kid.