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Rjenda’s iOS application is designed for teachers, students and parents who are already registered users of This application consists of two modules – (1) Planner and (2) Library.

Planner - See the list of academic and extracurricular activities -

Students can see their “To-Do list”, which lists all academic and extracurricular activities that the student MUST-Do and MAY-Do on any given day. These activities include assessments, assignments & extracurricular activities. They key features include
•Student’s MUST-Do and MAY-Do activities for any given day.
•Students can (1) mark their homework assignments, or the preparation for their upcoming assessments as “done”, (2) enter the “actual” time it takes them to complete any homework assignment, or the preparation for their upcoming assessments, &(3) enter comments/notes for themselves regarding the assessment/assignment.

Parents can view the activities for each of their children and see which assignments have been marked as completed and how long it took to complete.

Teachers can see the list of all their assessments, assignments and events for any given day. Teachers can then see the average, minimum and maximum time it has taken the students in their class for any given homework assignment or assessment preparation. They can compare this with the estimated time they entered and make adjustments as needed.

Library – See the list of all class documents/resources

Teachers, students & parents can see the list of all their class material (pdf files, notes, word documents, URL links etc) in one convenient place. The Library is organized by the Classes/Groups you are a part of. Each of these classes have Folders, & each folder has files or links.



About Rjenda:
Rjenda is an online software solution that helps schools proactively manage student workload and their schedules across their academic and extracurricular activities. With Rjenda, teachers, advisors, deans, and school administrators can identify students with potential workload hot spots early and take action to mitigate workload peaks and the resulting stress. Students and parents can view a personalized planner via the web or mobile device. Rjenda is easy to use and cost-effective to deploy.

Rjenda’s unique solution includes -
•Assessment Calendar: Teachers can view the assessment load of the students in each of their classes and more effectively schedule assessments to avoid workload peaks for their students. Schools can monitor the effectiveness of their assessment policies that no student should have more than a given number of assessments on any given day.

•Homework Tracking: Teachers can post homework assignments for their classes, including supporting documents and the estimated time to complete each assignment. Students can also enter personal notes, mark when complete, and enter the actual time to complete each assignment.

•Student Planner: All students (and their parents) have access to a personalized planner across their academic and extracurricular activities. This is available via the web or mobile device.

•Workload Analytics: Administrators, teachers, and advisers gain rich insight into individual and aggregate student workload using several unique analytics that focus on workload peaks, workload exceptions, and the spread and frequency of assessments and assignments.

•Library and Communication: Teachers can post their class materials (files and URL links) in an electronic library for each class section. Students can access the library for any of their classes in one convenient place via the web or mobile device. For simple communication, teachers can post messages for their students which are shared online and/or sent via email.

•Engagement: Teachers, students and parents can now engage in more meaningful fact-based discussions around workload and wellness.