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iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
  • Finance
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TimeAssist will help You to register and monitor Your working time.

This product will continue to evolve. This will be based on user requirements and suggestions for improvements.

. CheckIn/CheckOut by using an intuitive
user interface.
Simply drag and drop the Yellow punch card
to the clock area.

. Set Your hourly payment rate and keep track
of Your daily and weekly earnings in real

. Overtime compensation can be specified.

. Timestamp interval can be defined either as
Normal or Overtime.

. First day of week can be configured to be either
Sunday or Monday.

. The expected checkout time for a full day
is displayed.

. You can be notified when the full day hours
has been completed.

. Easy to add or adjust timestamps.

. View the timestamps in a week calendar.

. View the timestamps in a month calendar.

. Keep detailed track of worked time related to normal time in the month view.

. Add daily informative messages of different
priorities. High importance notes are
displayed as a red icon for the day in the
weekly view.
Normal notes are displayed with a gray icon
in the weekly view.

. Send weekly reports in text or csv format by

. Possible to automatically checkout for lunch.

. Night shift support: Auto checkout/checkin at midnight.

. Add useful information on the App icon.

The application are provided as is without any guarantees or warranty. Although the author has attempted to find and correct any bugs in the software application, the author is not responsible for any damage or losses of any kind caused by the use or misuse of the application.