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"LOVE STORIES IN KYOTO (HEIAN PERIOD)" is an application, designed with tourism in mind, which takes the user to actual locations around Kyoto that are associated with tales of love. Location information is provided by French author, Eric Faure. This edition contains more than 30 stories from the Heian period. By clicking on landmark icons, the user may reveal stories and information related to the location, as shown on a historic map. English, French and Japanese language options are available.

"Stroly" is a series of applications which display the user's current location using various historical and illustrated maps.

"Stroly" is short for "stroll around,” and we hope that you enjoy strolling around using this application. As part of the Stroly series, we introduce you to the "LOVE STORIES IN KYOTO (HEIAN PERIOD)" edition.

This application is designed to take visitors to various historic spots around Kyoto, while also telling some of the tales of love that are associated with each location. With an assortment of stories from Japan's Heian period, users will discover a different side of Kyoto, as they are taken on an excursion unlike any other! Through historic maps, visitors can experience some of Kyoto's traditional charm.

Maps used are interfaced with GPS information, allowing the user to identify their actual location, while also giving the sensation of standing somewhere in a city of old. Simply clicking over to Standard Maps also makes it easy to find your way around the city.

With more than just information on places that are said to grant wishes and prayers of love, visitors will also be introduced to locations associated with the darker side of romance as well. Users of this application may choose from English, French and Japanese language settings. Also, the Eric Faure icon in the Japanese version differs slightly from that of the English and French versions. Look closely!

Featured Maps:
Hand drawn map of Kyoto
Printed in: September 1691
Published by: Kichiei Hayashi
※"Drawn map of Kyoto" is owned by Kyoto Prefectural Library and Archices.

【App Features】
The user's current location and movement can be shown on a variety of historical maps, thus providing the user with the sensation of strolling around a historical world. By touching on landmark icons displayed on the map, the user may obtain information from "LOVE STORIES IN KYOTO (HEIAN PERIOD)." Users may also toggle between historical maps and Standard Maps.

1. "LOVE STORIES IN KYOTO (HEIAN PERIOD)" uses a global positioning system (GPS). The user's location, as displayed on iPod Touch or iPad WiFi while using "LOVE STORIES IN KYOTO (HEIAN PERIOD)" may differ from the user’s actual location.
2. The maps used in this application have not been modified from their original form.
3. As this application uses actual historical maps, and due to limitations in GPS tracking, maps in this application may not be 100% accurate, but we hope you enjoy their quaint, original charm.
4. This software was produced by ATR Creative, Eric Faure and the Jidaigeki Renaissance Project. The Japanese literature and folklore provided in this application is subject to interpretation and/or editing by Eric Faure and the Jidaigeki Renaissance Project. They are not direct translations of the original texts.

*Eric Faure
Eric Faure is an expert on Kyoto's folklore and traditions and has published several books on the subject.

*The Jidaigeki Renaissance Project is a joint venture between Toei Kyoto Studio Co.,Ltd., Intage Inc. and Beans Co.,Ltd. This joint venture is commissioned by Kyoto Prefecture.

Producers of this product, to the best of their knowledge, have in no way violated any human rights through the disclosure of these historical maps.