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"Aesop Story series –Ant & Dove"

“Ant & Dove" will give a good opportunity for children to think over kindness, who are learning sociality.

" With ‘Ant & Dove’ you can read a children’s story, and also enjoy words study and interesting puzzles.”
Friendly father’s secret weapon which the friend’s father next door does not know! Be a friend with children through ‘an ant and a dove’ ^^"

Aesop Story - “Ant & Dove" is not a mere story book but is the best interactive children’s story app. Animation is applied to the whole pages and therefore, children can enjoy not only interesting words study function but also puzzles with pretty images and voice of professional radio actor.
Reading the book and thinking together with children, you can tell them a lesson from the book. This leads them to right thinking, makes them think for themselves, and furthermore, you are able to become aware of their thinking naturally while talking with them.
Please think together with your children.

Major functions
-Reading: Professional radio actors from 4 countries directly read the book.
-Support in 4 languages: Support in 4 languages, ie. Korean, English, Spanish and Japanese.
-Words study: If you touch an image in the book, it reads and shows words so that natural study can be made.
-Puzzle game: Picture puzzle improves memory and adds much more interest in the children’s story.
-Lesson: You can share thinking with your children.

Now, shall we go to the world of AesopStory - “Ant & Dove”?
Here, let’s go!!!

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