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Tipperoni is three (3) very useful apps in one. It is a Gratuity Calculator, a Magnifying Glass with a built-in light, and a Flashlight. Tipperoni is super-easy to use because all entries can be made in seconds. To use, enter your Check total by rotating the first five wheels. Then set the number of person’s sharing the check with you by adjusting the rightmost wheel. Tipperoni is pre-set for a gratuity of 18%. If you would like to change that, simply adjust the slider to suit. The gratuity slider is adjustable from 0% to 30%. Tipperoni calculates all of your changes instantly.
Tipperoni’s magnifying glass is very convenient for reading small menu print in dimly lit restaurants and will be greatly appreciated by all users. We are quite certain you will find many uses for the Flashlight and the Magnifying Glass.