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++ In the days when I am apt to forget to do it, I do not use "Vision!" and am so! ++

"Vision!" is easily input that you should do it, and it is the application that can watch a deadline to the achievement anytime.
If used this, put it down; can check what time should do that want to do it by at first sight.

- I list that I want to live on "an aim" and "a problem"
For example, it is assumed that I do an event on the birthday of the friend.I do not understand it if I do not hear the plan of the friend even if I perform an event when I may hold an event.In addition, it tempts a friend to perform an event and prepares for a present and prepares for in front of to perform an event.This "event to" enter the goal, "will listen to friends"and "to provide a gift"to the goal of "issues " as the input.I looked back at a later time so that this goal, since the issues listed, but what do I do next, at a glance.

- I achieve an aim with a character!
You can also easily list what you want, and going to erase it just did not, it becomes boring."Vision!" is a green "Beano" I live. Time to end the problem, so you are willing to Beano, let's end the challenge together.
The per goal, we will have one more magical fairy. More and more targets "Vision!" in writing, I will increase the company of Beano.
However, the goal is not completed on time, the fairy. . . That does not happen, Let's end goal in time.

- It is input to the aim of the next year by today's aim
"By next year, I want to be like this" and have spent every day, and I'll forget you have to do it today. The "Today I have to do that!" and I have always thought, better feeling doing the work every day. To eliminate that, "Vision!" from today's events, the plan until next year or five years, due not only can enter. This is also definitely better than yesterday, while doing the daily life, it certainly should be able to proceed towards the dream of the future.