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Everyday lots of academic papers are being published and you need to keep up with them. But life is short and your inbox is already full, you don't need to receive "table of contents" subscription emails or PubMed alerts. Let's do it the correct way. Subscribe to your favorite journals or add your PubMed searches and "JournalClub" would be your inbox for papers. If you read an interesting paper tweet about it or share it with your friends, residents, students and others. Once you get the PDF for a paper (like when you are connected to your institutional subscription network), "JournalClub" keeps the PDFs for you so that you can read or print it even when you are offline. Or you can send the PDF to iBooks, Dropbox, Evernote or use text and figures in your presentations!
Often times it is easier to create a well thought PubMed query and receive updates when new results appear on PubMed compared to going through tens or even hundreds of papers a week to find a handful of relevant papers. So take advantage of PubMed queries feature in "JournalClub".
"JournalClub" is best suited to the needs of people in medicine, biomedical and psychology/cognitive science fields and any other field with the majority of their journals indexed in PubMed.
In this version there is no support for Journals that are not indexed by Medline. Although there are 39047 journals which are indexed by Medline.
There are countless number of cross-disciplinary journals in sciences and technology which are indexed by Medline, among them are Nature family, Science, Scientific American, PloS family and many others.

DISCLAIMER: JournalClub is not affiliated with PubMed, Medline, NLM, NIH or any other government entities or any publishers.