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连升茶馆体验版 HD Poker Tractor Tea House Lite

iPhone / iPad
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A bilingual version, please see English description for detail.
连升茶馆体验版是‘连升茶馆HD’的免费Lite版本,基本功能和完整版V3.2一致。与完整版有所不同的是1 Lite版打到9后如继续游戏会重新回到2; 2 不支持多人联机对战; 3 完整版V3.1增加了3/4副牌选项供店内激活。愿意打10 J K 王这些重头戏,喜欢多副牌带来的连串大牌刺激,还有想和真人牌友同乐的朋友们,欢迎在Lite版内iAP直接激活,或去App Store惠顾完整版v3.1。
连升茶馆和麻将茶馆,憋七茶馆一样,强调人工智能的设计, 力争让电脑牌手不出或至少少出昏招, 并使用部分通用信号(详见帮助), 陪同玩家在牌友不凑手时过把瘾。游戏说明, 名词定义, 和系统支持的信号等中英文介绍全部内嵌在‘设置’和‘帮助’中。
我们为玩友提供多种选项, 如:可亮无主, 一J到2,埋底策略等, 均可自由取舍。支持后台播放iPod的同时, 系统还提供多种方言音效, 用户可为四家牌手任意指派。请开始游戏前务必进入茶壶菜单察看帮助和设置。
在保留传统茶叶‘出牌’‘取消’键的同时, 提供更炫的'让拖拉机飞起来'的出牌方式。按住选中的牌, 手不要随便滑动, 同时注意没有牌由于双击落下, 然后向上一拖或一甩即可。选好牌后在屏幕右侧空档处(与牌列同等高度)手指向上甩牌亦可。当使用了提示键, 特别是自己首发需出多张时, 建议仍使用出牌键避免手误。
连升茶馆Lite版仍然是万能通用版(universal), 同版默认不同苹果硬件的分辨率和尺寸。相比需要分别下载付费或是所谓兼容iPad的iphone游戏,优势绝对明显。
如果您在娱乐的过程中发现bug或是有任何好的建议,恳请致信 或QQ 小茶恭候您 1367356920。 我们不能保证游戏是完美的, 但可以承诺任何的意见和问题都会被认真倾听和耐心答复;并且随时收集用户的建议不断升级改进。感谢朋友们支持我们自主研发为国人量身打造的游戏产品。
Poker Tractor Tea House Lite is a free version of famous Chinese Card game - 'poker tractor'('poker escalator'). The lite version has same functions as Poker Tractor Tea House HD 3.1 except only escalating up to the stair 9 instead of full stairs including 10 - Ace and Joker. It doesn't support multi-player games either. In the full version 3.1, we provide iAP of multi-decks options as well. For the players like above mentioned features, you are more than welcome to activate the full version via iAP in Lite version or going to app store to purchase Poker Tractor HD directly.
The game logic is a little similar as worldwide games Bridge or Spades. You have 1 partner and 2 opponents to compete. But poker tractor has more fun and surprises than other card games. Here the luck and destiny might be the top keys comparing to the techniques and skills.
Unlike the regular card game, it is generally played in up to 6 decks of 54 cards. 'Poker Tractor Tea House' starts from 2 decks of cards which is the most popular rule for 4 players. In full version there's 3/4 decks option for iAP activation as well.
Same as the 'Chinese Mahjong Tea House' and 'Spade7 Tea House', The major feature of this app is still the strong AI designed to challenge you. However no matter how smart the AI player is, it couldn't completely beat the creative and sensational human being intelligence. Therefore in the paid full version we also support Bluetooth, WiFi connection and Apple Game Center for players to enjoy the poker tractor with buddies in the same building or friends online.
This is the only bilingual (English/Chinese) Poker Tractor in App Store. All detailed User Guide, Game Rules,Definitions,Signal & Tips are embedded in 'Settings' and 'help'. We provide variations of game rules as many as we can. So please go through the Help from Menu first, then set up your own options.
The default voice effect is female English. Meanwhile in 'Settings' you can still opt in voice effects for you and AI players with assorted Chinese local accents for fun. The system supports playing your iPod as well.
It is also a universal version to fit all your Apple devices.
Please feel free to contact us at for questions and comments. We always collect users' feedback to improve our product meeting customers' satisfactions.