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Question Assembly

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Question Assembly is a fun and exciting way to learn English language skills! Play it like a game at different levels and track your best times to measure improvement!

Question Assembly was specifically designed by a speech/language pathologist to help students who struggle to create grammatically correct sentences but is fun for all to play.

The words comprising each question are provided in a jumbled format along with a picture clue. The student is then able to arrange the words in the correct grammatical form along a tab bar at the top of the page. Once the question is correctly formed, an auditory cue confirms the correct word order by reading the sentence in a conversational tone of voice. Male or female voices and other configurable options can be chosen according to the needs of the user.

-Optimized for iPad
-Questions of varying word lengths and complexities
-Ability to isolate to single type of question
(What, When, Where, Why, Who, How)
-Three levels of play to build skill
-Student History that can be sent to email for progress data records
-Male/Female voice confirmation along with soft background music that can be turned off or on
-Instructional Screen


-Compatible with iPad

Recommended Ages: 8.0 and up