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Interval Workout

iPhone / iPad
  • Music
  • Education
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Let's learn the basics of music with your iPhone !

Various scales and chords can be displayed on a virtual piano keyboard.
There are labels which indicate the scale degrees display.
Scale degrees are shown and labeled by their interval relative to the root.
Understanding the harmonic structure of scales and chords is fairly complex.
However, you can learn it easily by using these labels.
By pressing the play button, you can hear the actual sound of selected scales or chords.

In the exercise mode you can improve your musical ear.
Press the play button to start exercises.
Each question contains a short melody.
Recognize the interval included in the melody and play it with the keyboard.
The questions in the exercises are randomly generated from the selected scales or chords.

○Major Scale (Ionian Mode), Dorian Mode , Phrygian Mode , Lydian Mode , Mixolydian Mode , Natural Minor Scale (Aeolian Mode) , Locrian Mode , Harmonic Minor Scale , Melodic Minor Scale , Harmonic Minor Perfect 5th Below Scale , Alterd Scale , Lydian b7 Scale , Diminished Scale , Combination Of Diminished Scale , Whole Tone Scale , Major Pentatonic Scale , Minor Pentatonic Scale , Blue Note Scale , Chromatic Scale .
○Major Triad , Minor Triad , Diminished Triad , Augmented Triad , Sus4 , Major 7th , Dominant 7th , Minor 7th , Minor Major 7th , Minor 7th b5 , Diminished 7th , Augmented 7th , 7th Sus4 , Major 6th , Minor 6th .
○Playable virtual piano keyboard.
○Display Of interval.
○Localized into English and Japanese.