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Secure Email Reader

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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Secure Email Reader can be used to decrypt S/MIME encrypted email messages received using other email applications like the built-in Mail app and most webmail services. See the contents of those p7m attachments you receive without returning to your desktop mail program.

•Displays clear text content and attachments read from.p7m or .p7s messages, including encrypted email, signed and encrypted email and opaque signed email
•Works with messages received using default or via webmail on iOS 4. Works with messages received using webmail on iOS 5 (the native on iOS 5 provides SMIME support).
•Configured using iTunes file sharing; does not require the use of the iPhone Configuration Utility
•Imports decryption keys from PKCS #12 files for storage in device keychain
•Works with RSA key transport and AES, Triple DES and RC2 content encryption keys
•Enables review of decryption key pair attributes, including X.509 certificate details, and allows management of keychain contents
•Supports S/MIME and related standards
•Can save attachments for later browsing and viewing
•Review X.509 certificate file details
•PKCS #12 password entry can be performed using a QR code (free desktop QR code generation application is available) or manual entry
•Supported on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch