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NDS MediaShelf

NDS MediaShelf is intended to support the secure sharing of assets by a community of users. For instance throughout an Enterprise or a family. The sharing is enabled by a website connected to backend software and an application. The website allows members to share assets and stipulate who is to access those assets. The application enables members to receive, decrypt and experience the assets (eBooks, documents, audio, video and other types of assets are supported).

To share an asset with a member of a NDS MediaShelf community, upload the asset to a web server hosted on the public internet that is capable of communicating with the NDS MediaShelf server. A sample of such a web site can be found at: The website can also be used to send sample content to a community member.

How does it work?:

Upon running the application for the first time, you are assigned a unique identifier. You can see this identifier (PublicID) on the settings screen of the application. You can request that the identifier be sent to your email. This is the identifier that will be used to send you the content.

Sending A Secure Asset:

When you wish to send a secure asset to a member, go to the web site and upload the content. Enter the identifier of the member that will receive the asset. Click “Send.” The asset is uploaded to hosting web server, encrypted and made available to the member.

Receiving A Secure Asset:

When a member presses on the "Sync" button on the settings screen, the application check for new available assets and downloads them. When the download and decryption completes, the member can then engage in the asset experience, be it an interactive book, video, or other iOS experience.

NDS MediaShelf will not work without the needed backend software. If you are a user, contact your IT administrator to set up an account. If you would like to set up a backend, contact NDS for information on how to do so.

Uploading of new user content to the sample hosting server ( was disabled in order to prevent abuse. Existing contents may be freely downloaded and distributed.