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A fun and simple party drinking game for between 2 and 10 players.

Featuring 8 different categories plus a Forfeit category, Blotto brings you hundreds of different questions/challenges to entertain you and your friends.

Categories include:
"Seven Things" : Trivia questions that require 7 correct answers to avoid a forfeit.
"Bad Manners" : Designed to cause friction - it might be better to accept a forfeit instead...Risky!
"Horse's Mouth" : Mimes, Impersonations... You've got to perform. Judged by other players.
"Out of the Box" : Slightly warped challenges - shouldn't be taken too seriously.
"On Your Head" : With the iPad raised against your forehead, you have to guess the hidden person by asking questions to the other players.
"The Long Run" : Long lasting challenges that require dedication and stamina.
"Physical" : Get some exercise and feel the burn (or embarrassment).
"Blotto" : Generally drinking related. A large 'BONUS' glass should be available...
"Forfeit" : Failure to complete any challenge (as judged by other players) will result in a forfeit!

Simple to use and set-up - select the number of players, type in player names/initials (optional), hit the spin button and let the tension build as you wait to see who will be selected for the next challenge, and what challenge it will be.

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At we firmly believe in the value of social interaction and are committed to producing games and entertainment packages that enhance our social interaction rather than replace it.

Blotto is our first major title and is the very embodiment of social interaction - the more players the merrier (so to speak)! Find out more at