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Animation Moving Samples 3

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Animation Moving Samples

Using 8 frame per seconds is good enough for animation, please watch !

We are now working on Japanese version.

All Sample Animations are drawn as playing 8 Frame per Second.
(Some of Japanese TV animation use 8 frame per seconds and convert to 30 frame per seconds.)

There are 14 animation samples.

You can look at them and imitate movements.

C01 Stamping
C02 Writing with a pen
C03 Writing on a board
C04 Turning over pages
C05 Turning over book pages
C06 Using a paper fan
C07 Gripping an orange
C08 Using a mouse
C09 Putting a sticker on
C10 Phoning
C11 Putting glasses on
C12 Putting on a cap
C13 Pouring sake
C14 Swaying a string

Animation By Suzuki Shinichi
He has been a career animator for over 40 years in Japan.
And he worked with OSAMU TEZUKA & FUJIKO FUJIO, etc.