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DX QuickPic

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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DX QuickPic is a simple camera app to make the task of taking a picture with your iPhone/iPad easy. It offers one button operation for the entire process. Also works well as a time delay photo capability to give you time to set it down and get in the resulting picture too.

A newly taken picture can be set to auto review for a few seconds after it is saved. It can be recalled for more lengthy review using an on screen button.

The app, by default, opens up the camera interface as it is started and presents the default focus square. A few seconds later, the picture is automatically taken and stored in the normal camera roll of previous pictures. Beeps and an onscreen display show the time remaining until the automatic picture is taken. A cancel button is also provided if the process needs to be canceled by the user. Makes it very easy to hold the iPhone with 2 fingers in any position and still get a good automatic picture.

Users with iPhone 4 or later devices can also use the iPhone controls for flash option, zoom, and Facetime front facing camera as well or disable auto flash at the main screen.

An option is to enable starting the picture taking process by shaking the iPhone. Once the picture process starts, you can shake it again to cancel the process. This allows for one handed operation for taking pictures.

After the picture is stored, an optional E-Mail can be send to a user selected address with the picture as an attachment. The resulting image is stored both in the local camera roll and within the app for later review. An Option also exists to E-Mail a photo to one or more selected contacts.

Pictures can be shared between two users using Bluetooth technology. By having the iPhones close together, a picture can be sent from one iPhone to a second iPhone also running the same app.

The app includes a history tab to track all generated pictures. Each is shown with the date created. A details display provides an image review, as well as the option to resend the same picture E-Mail again. A delete button is also provided to delete previously taken picture references as desired.

Pictures can be seen in full screen mode by taping once on the image in the picture detail display. If the iPhone is rotated, it changes between landscape and portrait mode of image review.

Left to right swipe actions on the image will advance the picture to the next or previous picture taken. Swipe actions work on both the basic Picture Details display and the full screen display modes.

DX QuickPic includes the option to display the current temperature, based on location and information from WeatherBug supports the USA and many other areas around the world. The temperature is displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius based on the standard in each supported country. See for information about your area.

A settings tab offers options to control the start of automatic picture taking, the volume of the countdown clicks, the E-Mail address to be used for receiving picture, and a slider to control the maximum time before the automatic picture is captured. The option to enabled/disable the automatic E-Mail sending is also included.

DX QuickPic is designed for Apple iOS 8.x and iPhone 4S/5/6/6s, iPad, and later devices. It offers portrait mode on iPhone devices and both portrait and landscape display modes in iPad devices.

See website for information about limitations.