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Total Return Free

iPhone / iPad
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Have you ever wanted to know how much you’ve actually gained from your stock, mutual fund, 401(k), or IRA (and Roth IRA) investments including all purchases, sales, dividends, and commissions? Did you want to calculate annualized rate of return of your investments?

Or perhaps you wanted to find out if you'd be better off keeping your money in the bank rather than investing it?

Or maybe you are a glass-half-full type of person and you feel that despite declines in your stocks or mutual funds you are actually in the green thanks to dividends, but you are not sure?

Or what if you've made a lot of small transactions and wonder if commissions are dragging your gains into the red?

Total Return is designed to answer these questions. Not only it answers the question that most other portfolio managers do - what the current value of your holdings is, but it also calculates your total return - your investment bottom line by adding both realized and unrealized gains and losses, adding dividends, and subtracting commissions. On top of that you will find out your annualized rate of return (Compound Annual Growth Rate - CAGR) for each position, portfolio, and overall. You will know exactly how big your investment return is, how much it changed today, and, of course, the current value of your holdings every time you launch the app. No longer you will wonder if investing was worth it. You will know it.

Decide for yourself whether to continue guessing or start knowing. Next time someone asks you how well your investments are doing you will be able to answer that question down to the dollar! Or compare your annualized rate of return to find out who made better investment choices.

Take a bit of time to enter your investment transactions and find out how you’ve done over the years. And with the help of automated quote updates, you'll continue tracking your investment bottom line as often as you'd like. Just fire up the app, see it update the quotes, and know your Total Return.

Take the guessing out of your investment bottom line!

*** Benefits ***
- Native iPad interface
- Calculates overall total return of your investments taking into account purchases, sales, dividends, commissions, and splits
- Calculates annualized rate of return in the form of Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) using Internal Rate of Return (IRR) method
- Shows breakdown of total return, CAGR, and value by portfolio, position, and overall
- Calculates current value of your investments and how much it changed today
- Calculates many useful stats such as: Stocks - Most Changed Today, Positions - Most Changed Today, Best Total Return, Best CAGR, Highest Value
- Allows tracking of cash in portfolios
- Supports stocks and mutual funds
- Great for monitoring retirements accounts, including IRA and 401(k)
- Convenient way of entering your trades - enter data that you know and the rest is calculated for you
- Supports dividend reinvestment
- Automated stock quote updates*
- Protect your database with a PIN
- Email a backup of the database to yourself or someone else.
- Automatic on-device backups
- Copy backups from and to the app via iTunes
- Provides hints to help with getting started with the app

*internet connection is required to add stocks traded on stock exchanges and download stock price quotes; quotes are not available for some symbols


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