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En Ruta

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En Ruta is a Linea Directa smartphone app with several tools for both our customers and drivers in general. Services for all users: - Guide in case of accident, which explains, step by step, what a driver should do in the moment of a total wreck: how to take the personal details, when we should call the security forces, etc. - The calculator is a blood alcohol level simulator which, according to the values introduced by the user, will display the theoretical data on the possible level of alcohol present in the blood. This result is calculated according to the data that has been entered, is only meant as a guideline, and cannot be used to determine if the user is in a fit state to drive. It is solely for information purposes. - Videos and computer graphics, with detailed explanations of how to fill in a friendly statement in case of accident, how to load the vehicle in a suitable way , etc. - Where is my car, allows to find where you have parked your car, encloses text notes or photos and also shows a map with the location of your vehicle. - Timing alarm for parking, for never forgetting when you have to renew the parking lot’ s ticket. - Telephone number’ s guide, with all the useful telephone numbers for the driver. Available services exclusive for Línea Directa’s clients: - Request of road’ s assistance, which allows to ask for a wrecker from the same place of an accident, locating the position of the vehicle and sending an automatic request to the company, by only pressing a button. - To consult your personal details, so much of your policies as of your vehicles. - Follow-ups of given reports, getting to know at any time their states, make consults to our professionals, send pictures or documents and, in your case, the selection of the garage where to value and repair your vehicle. - Photoinspection, which allows the user to send the photos of his/her vehicle so that its condition can be assessed when a policy is purchased, without the need for an appointment with an appraiser. - The Suma en Línea digital card is part of Línea Directa's Loyalty Programme. It has been created to maximizise your savings in collaboration with CEPSA Programme Porque Tu Vuelves. With SUMA en Línea you will obtain many advantages and pay less for your insurance renewal with Línea Directa.