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Playing the ColorPik game is a FUN way of learning the basic colors, their identification and their right English pronunciations. Kids learn to identify & pronounce the basic colors very Quickly & Effectively using ColorPik.
The Game has the following options:
In the LEARN mode, the basic colors are displayed across the screen as color bars. The color bars speak out their color when the Player touches it. This way, the Player can learn to pronounce and identify the basic colors.
In the PLAY mode, the ColorPik character “Teacher” speaks out the color to be picked out from the PLAY-Area. Various color objects are randomly spread out across the PLAY-Area which the Player needs to pick out those with the right color which “Teacher” has asked for.
There are Awards for correctly identifying all the right color objects.
The HELP offers a brief description of the Game with related Awards for getting the Colors right.
What's New in this Version The help screen is provided with Facebook and Twitter buttons for the player to select, where the player can post their feedback. The voice over through out the entire game has been modified to American Accent.
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