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Newyork Lotto Pro House

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New York Lotto Pro House

This application is an intelligent lottery software system, maintaining many functions like querying historical lottery results, updating data, and analyzing data etc.


★ Predict the next winning numbers;

★ Reduce the purchase of Notes by means of rotation matrix;

★ Purchase of records management, automatically calculate winning prize amount;

★ Update the latest winning results and the prize amount (updating the data at about 24:00pm on the Draw day)

★ All statistical data could be sent by mail, the sending data could be copied to Excel for further analysis.

1. selection of lottery numbers and generation of purchase list
1) click the picture and select the numbers manually by tapping.

2) select the numbers automatically by software system
◉ Recommend: analyze and verify the historical lottery results, use special calculation method to sort and choose(eg. Select 11 numbers, for nearly 400 issue of lottery results were verified, 3 numbers above hit more than 15% chance to.)
◉ Frequency: select the predicted numbers according to the frequency of the numbers in 10,20,50...500 draws, four options are provided: High→Low,Low→High,high→Low+low→High,Median→Low+Median→Low
◉ Random numbers: select the random numbers according to the selected numbers range and the segmentation

3) select the numbers according to the purchase records

4) according to statistics information sheet, select the numbers by your own judgment

5) reduce the purchase of Notes by means of rotation matrix
eg. When selecting 11 numbers, 6/6:462 Notes,5/6:22 Notes 4/6:5 Notes

6) save the result list and send mails

2. management of purchase records
automatically calculation of winning prize amount.
total records of purchase times, purchase amount and winning prize amount.

3. query of historical lottery results

4. statistical data

◉ Ranking For Frequency By Draws
◉ Hit Frequency By Draws
◉ Ranking & Frequency By Numbers
◉ Low & High & Span & Sum Table
◉ Odd & Even Trend Table
◉ Partition Trend Table By 3,5,7,10,11,13

1) remove and re-update when the update of historical lottery results fails or an error occurs.

2) valuable advices or suggestions as to this software are welcomed, if necessary,please contact us at .

3) bonus numbers are related to the 2nd prize only, so the calculation method, number prediction or statistical data of any number exclude bonus numbers, but no effects will exist on the calculation of winning prize amount.

4) This software is for reference only, the users should afford themselves any loss and other consequences caused by using this software to purchase lottery.