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Baby Sleep Trainer

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Soothing music for your baby to drift off to sleep with.

▶11 Original songs professionally recorded exclusively for this app. The music was designed using soft southing rhythms that will block background noise so your baby is able to just relax and sleep.

▶Play soft melodious music as your child sleeps. Melody and rhythm can stimulate children's thoughts. Melodic music playing while a child sleeps has been shown to relax the child so the child enjoys a more refreshing sleep.

▶The songs are custom designed for each picture that will be displayed for your baby to look at as they drift off to sleep.

▶The screen settings allow for you to darken the screen. You can even put the IPad in sleep mode and the music will continue to play and the app will continue to listen for your baby to wake up.

▶The app will also listen to the room noise and if the baby starts to cry the song will start again. If the baby wakes the same music will play and the familiar music will calm the baby. Familiar sounds sooth and calm crying babies.

▶Plug in the App to your power charger as the app will use up your battery as it stays on listening for the baby to wake up.

▶No longer worry that the phone will ring and wake up the baby or you cant vacuum or other children will have to play quietly. Let the baby relax to the soothing music while you continue on with your activities.

▶After a long day Mom or Dad will also enjoy listening to the music as they drift off to asleep.

▶▶▶Bonus Song: A fun original song called rubber ducky is Included. it has been designed to allow your baby to control it using sounds, clapping or snapping their fingers (or yours). The song will play as long as you clap along to it. If it stops you can clap to get it to continue.

Apple has picked this app as New and Noteworthy and is currently What's Hot in 16 Countries.