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Reading Fun: improve your reading / educational game

iPhone / iPad
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Reading Fun is a reading game which comes up with really amusing situations and which improves fluency and increases pleasure in reading.

It is suitable for children from 6 years old, i.e. for beginners who can already read simple sentences. However even more advanced readers love the game and can improve their reading skills.
The game can be played anywhere (on the bus, in the car, at home,..)
Ideally there are 2 players, e.g. a child plays with an adult.

* How to play:
Start the game. The IPhone comes up with 2 cards at random, a question card and an answer card. The adult reads the question card out loud.
The child uncovers the answer card and reads it out loud, which results in an amusing question and answer game, as the sentences are short, simple and funny.
There are over 100 questions and answers which come up in different combinations each time. In this way, the next combination is always unforeseeable and the game retains its appeal. It can be played by 1-.. players, although 2 players are ideal.

* Educational objectives:
- Improvement in reading fluency: So that the amusing sentences are readily understood, the child must read them as fluently as possible.
- Improvement in emphasis: The better the emphasis, the more amusing the result.
- Comprehension: The reader has to understand the meaning of the sentence for it to be funny.
- Reading incentive: Interest in the next sentence is stimulated, as with each new card which is uncovered, another amusing situation is created.

* Languages:
Reading Fun is available in other languages too (German: LeseTiger).