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bobo Snail

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Can you help Bobo Snail escape the aliens and get home? You’ll have to be fast and brave as there are black holes, hot stars, barbed fish and toxic bees determined to stop you. Use the tools at hand to safely get Bobo Snail back to his loved ones. Click “...More” to learn why you should download this fun game App today!

Good app: “Very fun.”
- zwq882

Lov it: “Cute snail and addictive game”
- Eric Zq

You downloaded a new game last night and you just can’t seem to put it down. It’s cute, it’s fun and you get a different challenge on each level. This thing is addictive!

Right now, you’re placing good bricks in suitable places. As soon as you’re done, you’ll touch the play button to release Bobo Snail. The poor little guy was abducted from his bed by aliens and now needs help getting home. Thankfully, you’re up for this mission.

Carefully, you guide Bobo past the black hole, the deadly fire and evil bricks. Whew! You’ve made it a long way but look out behind you! There’s a toxic bee that’s up to no good. If he catches Bobo, the little snail will be dead and the game is over.

Bobo Snail is a challenging game app that you’re going to love for so many reasons. The snail is cute, the gameplay a fast-paced test of your skills, and each level offers up something different. The obstacles change, some you can touch, some will kill you.

Start the game by selecting three different kinds of bricks and using them to help you move around and get safe passage for Bobo. Okay, now tap “Play” to open the door and free the cute little snail. Get ready because it’s time to spring into action!

Think and move quickly, as you dodge deadly forces. You never know what’s going to block your path and you want to be ready to strategically move bricks to keep getting Bobo closer to his shell home and safety. It’s up to you; you’re all this poor, defenseless little guy has.

As you move through the game, you can rack up points but never forget the most important thing – Bobo’s life! Of course, if you happen to get a high score while being a good humanitarian, there’s a game center all ready for you.

Look at the fun features you get in Bobo Snail:
* Easy to use interface
* Adorable character graphics
* Different deadly obstacles on each level
* Addictive, fast-paced action to test your skill
* Game Center for checking scores
* You’re Bobo Snail’s hero

What are you waiting for? Bobo needs you now!

Download Bobo Snail right away and save the world’s cutest, most defenseless little creature.