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Space Quest

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Space Quest is a funny and entertaining game, where you play a space ship fighting to defend earth from alien invasion. You control your ship movement with your finger, and bounce a energy ball back to destroy the alien ships.

The game level challenge increases with more alien ships, mines, speed, and aliens strength.

You can play as a casual game or challenge yourself for a higher score.

Have fun, and enjoy this easy to play, hard to master game.

The Game History

A huge alien mother ship is attacking our planet and an alien energy beam is blocking our way out.

Our best shot is launching Poseidon, a high velocity energy weapon. But Poseidon is quite unstable, and it can ricochet and destroy Earth.

Thats why we sent our best ship, White Hope, and you as pilot. White Hope has an energy shield, that should avoid Earth from being hit by Poseidon.

Saving Earth, however, might be a very hard job.

Good Luck Mate.

2485, Earth.