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MyDistance Golf GPS

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You’ve tried every golf GPS app. And yes, we know, they are all the same. They either don’t work or they are overpriced, and they are all too complicated to use on the course. Finally there is a NEW way of thinking about GPS golf. Its MyDistance Golf GPS. It’s simple, personal and it just works.

It’s easy:

1) The first time you use the app, enter the distance you hit each club (or choose to use our default distances)

2) Instead of the GPS showing random distances, it shows exactly where your shots will land!

There’s no guessing! Using MyDistance Golf GPS, you’ll know EXACTLY which club will carry the fairway bunker, hit any part of the green or lay-up comfortably. You’ll use it on every shot. It works on any golf course with satellite map coverage!

And in another first for GPS golf, YOU DON’T NEED TO BE ON THE COURSE to use MyDistance Golf GPS!

In Planning Mode you can:

1) Plan your club selection the day before a big tournament

2) Review your last round and see what club you should have hit

3) See exactly where your shot will land on any course with satellite coverage

4) Use it on the range to check accurate distances and see where your ball should be landing

MyDistance Golf GPS is a revolutionary new idea in GPS golf. Now you don’t have to guess about which club to use, the information is right in your hand.

Contact us: We welcome all suggestions for additions or changes to improve the application. Please email with any requests, suggestions, or questions.