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Spending too much time sending email and texts? Email Assistant is faster than texting, faster than calling, and much faster than old-fashioned email! Only 3-5 seconds to tap-tap and send. Click “...More” to learn why you should be using this revolutionary App today!


“Email Assistant is is an amazing time-saver, even faster than sending text messages. Since 80% of the messages I send are the same thing over and over again, this really is the only way to do mobile email - definitely a game-changer!”

- Pat

“Email Assistant gives me an extra 30 minutes every day that I now use to contact new and existing clients, and more time = more revenue. I wouldn’t hesitate to pay $10 or more for this app!”

- Chris
If there was a way to have an extra 15-45 quality minutes added to your work day, would it be worth investing $1.99 to make this happen?

Imagine having your very own Email Assistant...

Stuck in a meeting? Haven’t heard from a client in awhile? Want to go out for a drink with a friend? Need to cancel a meeting? Not sure if the next day’s meeting is still on? Need to tell your spouse that one of the kids had a “little problem” at school? Or, better yet, is it time for a little quality time with your spouse or significant other?

With Email Assistant, tap-tap-tap and in 3-5 seconds the message is sent.

You can create your own custom messages.
Using Email Assistant you can communicate on the go and dramatically reduce the number of sit-down computer sessions needed to type up emails.


Super fast and easy to use

Easy setup - quick import from your Contacts

Replies go to wherever you usually check your email Inbox
Designed to work with multiple accounts and signatures

Works even if you aren’t connected to the Internet (stores and sends messages the next time you are connected)

Select from a stock of existing messages, with the ability to edit and create your own

Email Assistant, imagine doing more with less effort...