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FlickKey Mini Keyboard (Email, SMS, & Text)

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Social Networking
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This is a really small version of the “FlickKey Keyboard Notes” app that is currently available in the iTunes App Store. The FlickKey keyboard in this version has been miniaturized to fit on really small devices, like watches, with complete usability. For Perspective, this ‘Nano-sized’ version has been overlaid on a graphic of a watch, just to show the potential of FlickKey!

If you are new to FlickKey, please read the included notes, or watch the videos on YouTube, or go to (Search for "flickkey".) You may not 'get' FlickKey right off, as FlickKey uses a new concept - flickable keys. I recommend trying the regular version of FlickKey first, available in the iTunes App Store.

If you have mastered FlickKey, then give this small version a try. It is quite amusing to see just how well you can type with such a small keyboard! Have fun with it.

Each large key lets you access 9 characters. To use: press a key and “flick”, or “swipe,” in the direction of an outer character to choose that character. You can press ANYWHERE on the large key and flick ANY direction toward the letter you want. If you want the center character, simply press and release the center key, just like a standard key.

(Note: FlickKey does NOT work like Swype!)

FlickKey is a notepad app that let’s you compose messages and then let’s you paste them into other applications. FlickKey can be used with any program that supports the standard paste function. You may also compose an email, SMS text, or search the Web directly from FlickKey.

FlickKey includes popup flick-able keys containing whole words, plus a finishing space, that can be entered by choosing the word with two little flicks of the screen. Common words can be entered with ease and unmatched speed.

FlickKey features:
◆ Only six flick-able keys on the screen at a time.
◆ Popup flick-able keys so you can type common words uncommonly fast.
◆ More common punctuation characters on the main keyboard screen :-)
◆ Only two screens for all the alphanumeric and numeric characters.
◆ Email, SMS text, and search the Web directly from FlickKey.
◆ Standard copy and paste functions.
◆ Choose your font and font size.
◆ FlickKey is fast! Speed up your texting or twittering. Or, enjoy writing longer messages again with email or social networking.

What FlickKey does not do:
✓ FlickKey does NOT ADVERTISE to you!
✓ FlickKey does not gather information about you, or target you in any way!
✓ FlickKey does not use location services.
✓ FlickKey respects your privacy.

Let your friends know about FlickKey!

If you have any problems with FlickKey, please contact before leaving any feedback. Please keep in mind, that this app is provided for the fun of see how well you can type on a really small keyboard.

Requirements: FlickKey works on iPhone and iPod Touch iOS 4.0 and above. For now, FlickKey has only an English layout, and an International Latin layout. (Other languages coming soon.)