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Durga Puja

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Durga is She Who Removes All Difficulties, and this puja is designed to guide the mind to a state of freedom, peace, and ease. Durga Puja opens the door to the mystery and energy of Divine Mother worship. This App presents videos, classes, articles, and audio recordings, in addition to the Sanskrit text, and shows us how to overcome all obstacles.

Shree Maa joins me in requesting Durga to send blessings to all devotees everywhere, and we pray that this app will assist you in enhancing your capacity of worship.

Book is presented with original Sanskrit mantras (in big and clear font), Bengali mantras, a Romanized phonetic transliteration, and a complete English translation. Total pages 65.

About Author:

Esoteric knowledge of Divine worship (puja), which was once only in hold of elite Indian priests, is now made available by Swami Satyananda Saraswati to all sincere seekers of Truth. Who else can better explain this other than a man who moved from West to East, lived there for more than 20 years learning and practicing Divine worship, and then return to the West with his Self-realized guru Shree Maa to share this eternal knowledge with us all.

App features:

Book:- you can zoom-in/out with 2-finger pinch, scroll left/right for next page with 1-finger swipe, add bookmarks and jump to any random page-number.
Videos(WiFi needed):- Watch Introductory videos, Video classes or hear iTunes podcast offered by Swamiji and ShreeMaa for free. You can change video resolution to suite your internet bandwidth.
Quote:- Tap on bottom of home-screen to see your quote of the day. New quote is provided everytime you open this App which you can share on your social network
About US:- Get to know more about Devi Mandir and our Gurus Shree Maa and Swami Satyananda Saraswati.
More Apps:- You can browse our other available paid apps and read user reviews.
Help('?' icon on home screen):- Here you can connect with our Social media, Email us any questions, Signup for our Newsletter, visit our Website or restart App tour.
Supports latest iOS 9 multi-window feature.

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