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iBody Fat Calc

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iBody Fat Calc:
This is a free, straight-forward, and non-flashy program to quickly calculate a person's percent of body fat with a tape measure. Two calculation methods are provided, the YMCA method and the U.S. Navy method. Both of these methods can be performed with measurements in pounds or kilograms and inches or centimeters.

An article on rates the best and worst body fat measurement techniques. Of those rated, the accuracy and ease-of-use of the Tape Measure technique had one of the highest ratings while the Skinfold Calipers technique was rated with the lowest.

How/Where to Take Measurements:
Weight - With as little clothing as possible
Waist - Measure at the belly button
Height - Measure without shoes
Neck - Measure at the thinnest part
Hips - Measure at the thickest part

Background Information:
The term ‘body fat’ is a familiar one. However, most people associate this word to obesity, cholesterol, and an unhealthy constitution. Although excess body fat content can have severe implications, the body requires a specific amount of body fat for various metabolic and structural functions.

Body fat is produced in the body through the absorption of fats present in the food consumed. As the body breaks down these fats, two byproducts are released into the body – glycerol and fatty acids. The liver processes glycerol into glucose and stores it as a stock of energy (fat) which may be tapped for use later on. Fatty acids provide energy for all major tissues, especially for the cardiac muscles and the skeletal muscles. So, it is very important to include appropriate amounts of fatty substances in the diet.

However, it is also important to remember that too much body fat can negatively affect the body. Very often, the fats absorbed by the body do not burn off but continue to get stored. Such accumulation of fat may lead to obesity that can then set off many other health issues like breathing difficulties, arthritis and heart disease. To prevent problems associated with too much body fat, one must be aware of the current body fat percentage in the body and the ideal percentage required. Knowing the exact fat percentage in your body can help in setting realistic weight loss plans.

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