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Everyday Spanish: Basic Grammar Review

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Study your Spanish grammar on the go! This app was developed to give students who are taking Spanish a quick and easy way to review all of the basic grammatical concepts that would be presented in a introductory Spanish course, such as Spanish Level 1.

The app includes 3 hours of audio lectures, which review concepts such as conjugation and use of the present tense, the future tense, the preterite and imperfect tenses, the present and imperfect subjunctive, pronouns, and key verbs such as “conocer” vs. “saber” or “ser” vs. “estar.” It’s ideal for students who are taking first year Spanish and would like to have a clear and succinct, yet complete, review of the most important concepts that they are studying. It would also be ideal for those students who have taken some Spanish already, but have problems remembering, for example, the conjugation (in all of the most important tenses) for the most common irregular verbs, or the difference between “por” and “para.” This app is a one-stop solution to all these problems.

The 3 hour audio lecture, with its accompanying tables, graphics, and examples, lays a foundation that can then be more deeply explored using the 300 flashcards and over 400 multiple choice questions. The Flashcards give review of basic concepts. The multiple choice questions allow for practice of those concepts, with the help of hints and careful explanations that will help you to understand common mistakes in both mechanical aspects (conjugation) and conceptual aspects (for example, why we use the preterite and not the imperfect in a given sentence). All in all, this app will be an invaluable help to all students who are working to succeed in their studies of Spanish.

"Everyday Spanish: Basic Grammar Review" App Development

This app was developed by María F. Paredes Méndez, Phd. Maria ís a native of Galicia, a region in the Northwest corner of Spain. She completed her undergraduate degrees in Education and English at the University of Santiago de Compostela in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. She then moved to the United States, where she started her Master’s Degree in Spanish Literature at the University of Kansas, in Lawrence, Kansas. After she completed her Master’s Degree, she went on to work in her PhD, which she finished in 2002, with a focus on Early Twentieth Century Spanish writers. She is currently teaching at Western Washington University, in beautiful Bellingham, Washington, a college town located between Seattle and Vancouver, Canada.

Dr. Paredes Méndez has been teaching college Spanish at all levels of the curriculum for the last 15 years. She has taught both introductory classes for students with no background whatsoever in Spanish, and advanced grammar, composition, and literature classes for students who are about to complete their Spanish majors. One thing she particularly enjoys about teaching basic Spanish is the great sense of accomplishment that students get when starting to learn the language. Starting from zero, after just a few months, they can feel that they can communicate their basic thoughts, needs, and desires in a language that just a few months past was a complete mistery. Her students have described her as very enthusiastic, very clear, and have praised the fact that she can explain one concept in many different ways.

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