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Math Chef

iPhone / iPad
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Do fractions seem boring, old-fashioned or stale?
Would you feed your math homework to the dog or ship it away in the mail?
Do flash cards make you fall asleep unless mom gives you a poke?
Does a math game sound like an un-funny, cruel joke?
How about fractions, do they make you want to hide in a hole?
Well, here’s news for you whether or not you know fractions are just part of a whole:
If you love a fresh, hot pie – pizza that is,
Then Math Chef will help you become a fraction whiz!
But forget about all that math mumbo-jumbo – let’s talk delicious toppings:
Cheese, sausage, peppers and more to keep your taste buds hopping.
Have fun filling pizza orders by slicing up pies with the swipe of a finger,
Then toss your creation with a flip of the wrist to see if your answer’s a ringer!


An innovative fraction game created by a math teacher to help kids (and parents) understand what fractions really are: a part of a whole. This game asks the player to fill pizza orders that are really scaffolded fraction problems. Each order is a mini math puzzle that helps you work on understanding many aspects of fractions: from common denominators to uncommon denominators, and even reducing. Vibrant graphics make you want to fill pizza order after pizza order, not to mention that the game will make you hungry for a delicious, cheesy pie pilled high with toppings!

“The fun part of this app is that the orders feel like math puzzles. While other games make you do a math problem, then give you a reward, Math Chef makes the math problem itself fun.”
– Educator

Highlighted Features:

-Login feature allows your progress to be locally saved on your device. Start up where you left off, so there’s no need for frustration about having to start over each time you play!
-Parents, teachers and students can monitor progress by checking the Stats section, which includes: average attempts per problem, average time per problem, total problems skipped, total problems completed and a record of each math problem that the player was exposed to.
-E-mail your pizza to friends, parents and teachers so you can have bragging rights about your amazing creations!

Game Play:

-Player receives just enough information to get started.
-Customer order appears in a fraction format similar to many fraction problems seen in school.
-Slice the pizza by swiping your finger across the screen.
-At each level you earn more toppings, which you can drag from a virtual tray onto the pizza to complete the order.
-Submit the order by flicking your wrist upward – just like you’re flipping a pizza!