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* Do you find it frustrating explaining your eye conditions and treatments to different eye care professionals?
* Do you find it difficult remembering to take your eye drops on time, especially when you have more than one?
* Have you just had an eye surgery and want to know how your eye is recovering?
* Wouldn't it also be great if you could monitor your own vision and symptoms until your next appointment with your eye clinician?

*** Then eyeDiary is for you (or your family) ***
*** eyeDiary includes convenient eye drops reminder ***

eyeDiary is specifically designed for patients who would like to keep track of and take control of your own eye conditions.
eyeDiary is more than just a record keeping tool. It has the following amazing features:

*** Convenient and clinically relevant eye tests ***
1. Monitoring your level of vision
2. Monitor your macular function with Amsler grid
3. Test color vision with pseudochromatic color plates
4. Test results can be recorded chronologically in eyeDiary
5. Test results can also be printed or emailed to your clinician directly from eyeDiary

*** Improve communication with your clinicians ***
6. Symptoms diary to keep a chronological record of the changes in your symptoms. Making it easier for your to explain your symptoms to your clinician.
7. Your clinicians can assess the effectiveness of treatment based on your symptoms diary. You can also self report your compliance with medications.
8. Keep a record of all your clinical visits and eye procedures to take with you to eye appointments. Encourage your clinician to help you keep an accurate record.
9. Keep an accurate record of current and previous medications.
10. You can export all of your records for your eye clinician for review if required.

*** Take control over your own eye treatment ***
11. eyeDiary visually plots the progression of your vision and your eye pressure over time, along with any treatment or procedures you have had.
12. eyeDiary helps you understand your current treatment and helps you in making decisions about your next treatment with your clinician.

*** Keep a record of your test results (visual fields, OCT, keratometry) ***
13. Take your test results where ever you go.
14. Import your test results from photogallery or if you have an iPad 2 (R) you can also take snapshot of your tests for recording.

*** Eye drops reminder ***
15. Easy-to-use eye drop reminder will help remind you to take your eye drops on time.
16. Are you on a complicated regime that requires weaning doses of a medication? no problems, a weaning regime can be setup easily on eyeDiary

*** Find an eye clinician ***
17. One click search of your local ophthalmologist or optometrist

Because eyeDiary is based on eyePatients architecture (for clinicians), future version will allow you to synchronize your records with your clinician's clinic record with the press of a button.
Please visit my blog for latest information and tips on how to use this App to help you take control of your eye disease.

eyeDiary is Copyright© 2011 by Dr Yu Xiang George Kong MBBS BMedSci PhD