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Three Character Classic-Tying one’s hair to the beam and pricking one’s thing with an awl-By Tinysky

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Three Character Classic-One tied his hair to the beam; Another pricked his thigh with an awl. They were not told to do so, but they toiled hard of their own accord.
Suen Jin of Han Dynesty, often studied until midnight. To prevent himself from falling into sleep, he tied his hair to the celling beam by a string. In Warring States period, Su Qin failed his diplomatic mission to the State of Qing. Afterwards, he was determined to study hard. He pricked himself in the thigh with an awl whenever he was dozing off. Later, both of them achived many great accomplishments.



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We have chosen over a thousand outstanding works carefully from famous publishers, and cooperate with the well-known animation company TINYSKY, an famous domestic illustration company, make the adaption to the entire story be more vivid. Bright, sprightly color matching gentle, interesting music has built a very relaxed and the joyful atmosphere. In addition, we designed a different game which is simple and interesting for children at different ages, enabling them to gain more knowledge while playing games. We believe that this multimedia electricity classical philosophical works certainly will bring the unique reading feeling to you and your child will like it.