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If your first language is French and you are learning English as a second language, you can use “iAnglais” to practice English vocabulary easily and efficiently whenever you have a bit of free time. You can pull your phone out of your pocket for a couple of minutes while at the bus stop, while waiting in line at the grocery store, or in bed before going to sleep; you will be surprised to see how many vocabulary words you can learn in a day, and how much progress you can make.

The application employs a well-known method learning new words: flash cards. Imagine a pack of cards in your hand with vocabulary words written on them. A French word or expression is on one side of a card, and its English translation is on the flip side. You take a card from a top of the pack, look at one side, and try to guess the word on the other side. If you succeed, you put the card at the bottom of the pack. If you don't guess correctly, you place the card somewhere into the middle of the pack so that its next turn comes sooner. This way you will get to see the difficult vocabulary words more frequently than those you remember easily, which means that your progress with the vocabulary words will be much faster than it is when just revising one word after another, such as from a list in a textbook.

The application contains 5,000 of the most common English words divided into 50 lessons with more than 10,000 French translations. The lessons are ordered from easiest to most difficult, and they extensively cover English vocabulary as it is taught on all levels of French schools - from collège up to the first years at the university. It does not matter if you have only just started to learn English, or if you already have a good command of the language. iAnglais will help you build your vocabulary, extend it, and maintain it, making it readily available in your mind.

Note: this aplication is optimized for native French speakers who are learning English as a second language. It is not suitable for learning French language as it contains no information on French pronunciation or French grammar.