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Pents for iPad

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The game of pentominoes, the 12 shapes formed with 5 identical squares, is at the same time simple - you only have to place the pieces to cover a board - and extremely challenging, both for children and for adults.

Pents allows you to solve various puzzles in a simple way, letting you choose the look of the pieces and the board, and whether to display a grid reference.

But the most important thing is that Pents is the only application of its kind that lets you draw your own boards.

You can draw boards suited for the entire 12-pieces, or smaller and thus easier. You can draw completely connected boards as well as boards consisting of several unconnected parts, thus exploring all the possibilities of the magic world of pentominoes.
For each board you create, the application will calculate the number of all possible solutions (some boards have one solution, others have thousands).
Each solution you find will be saved; you can even try to find all of them for a given board.

If you happen to see some pentomino shape in the tiles of your bathroom, you have to try Pents.

- Only 48 pre-built boards, to leave space for your imagination;
- Possibility to change the look of the pieces, board and background, or let the system choose them randomly;
- Pieces can be selected from a sliding tape and are easy to control;
- Hint system to help you (but only three tips);
- Resuming of interrupted game;
- All solutions that you will find, if not already existing, will be saved and you will see them in a sort of colorful puzzle album;
- You can send us or to your friends e-mails containing your boards and solutions; you can import them from received e-mails and from Geomago web pages.

Features of the board editor:
- Ability to design boards of any form to contain 1 to 12 pieces;
- Scrollable and resizable drawing area;
- Checking the validity of the board created;
- Calculation of all existing solutions, with the ability to conduct research into the background while you solve puzzles.

More information in the User Guide, that is included in the game and is available at