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grandesignEtico is an event that connects people working in design, creativity and art.

What you're about to enjoy is not an App. Everybody talks about "apps" without dividing form and content. In this, the anomaly gets close to the design that only its most shortsighted definition can describe as "beautiful form", but at its best it combines beauty and function, sign and ergonomics.

It's formally an app, just like bound pages are formally a book, but as a dematerialized book becomes an eBook, this is a publication that has eliminated the burden of the paper, to become a new media. What we want you to think about, though, is that the media is not the support - the iPad - but its content: seems obvious, but unfortunately it's not common these days. That's why we want to show you some aspects that make "grandesignEtico on iPad" a new way to communicate, for the companies that want to present a product, or explain an idea or a way of living (like design, like ethics). There would be so much to talk about, to present and discuss, but what matters are facts, reality, the future that becomes the present:

1) Do not move the communication born for the paper to a digital medium: it doesn't work, it's not readable, it's unpleasant. It's just a waste of time and money. This publication was born digital, in the spirit, in its project and obviously in its creation.

2) The iPad is the first communication medium in the world that has two orientation modes: why not make the best of it? We show you both a more conventional way - the same content, rearranged for both landscape and portrait modes - and a "complementary" way: the contents that fit best in the vertical mode have been placed that way, while the others on the landscape orientation mode. Nice, uh? (don't forget to look for a b-side for each page, then…)

3) Paper publications need to have pages in the same size: in this one pages adjusts to the content, not the other way around.

4) Images, graphics, animations… everything creates a new, emotional experience that leads to an exceptional result: people invest more time in information, instead of flipping through the pages, they explore, enjoy and participate.

5) We're all "multitasking": we read, listen, touch… this application is always at the center of our attention, with all our senses.

6) We can't live without links, but on the web links lead to other pages and we often end up forgetting what site we were at first. In this publication, links open in a page that lets us enjoy the web (we can even buy a product), but when we close the web page we're back on the magazine and the experience can continue.

7) Let's say it: this publication can easily travel, doesn't cause pollution, didn't waste any natural resources. It's made of ideas, in a fluid form, that can travel everywhere in the world, without any effort, extra costs, or the slowness the "analog" world is used to.

No, this is not an app… it's the future that has become the present.

This app is createt by J•J, a group of people with the most advanced skills in digital and visual communication. They make highly successful digital publications and digital magazines and follow the project, editing and production of all the editorial contents. To learn more, you can find all the info at the end of this publication, on the credits page. But if you're too curious, just click here…