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Status and disobedience improve the world. Markets and traditions do the same. "DOMINO. Handbook for a sustainable world" shows us how it can work. Find out more about your daily needs and their potential for a future-oriented world with the new DOMINO app for the book from the W.I.R.E Think Tank.

If we want to meet the challenges of our time, we must take a look at our own day-to-day behaviour. Every day, whenever we satisfy our needs, we topple numerous dominos – and in so doing, we sometimes set surprising cascades in motion, sometimes even ones that have repercussions right around the world. Existing governmental, social and economic systems decide how these rows of dominos are arranged today, where they are going to fall, and what impact they will have. Yet what is behind each system is not something unapproachably abstract, it is we ourselves. In our everyday behaviour, each of us can change the way these rows of dominos are arranged and thus make the world more sustainable on both a small and a large scale.

"DOMINO" throws the spotlight on our daily lives. Use the DOMINO app to analyse 15 everyday activities and their significance for a sustainable world.

W.I.R.E. [Web for Interdisciplinary Research & Expertise] is an independent Think Tank, concerned with the global developments in business, society and the life sciences.

_Healing & caring
_Being on the move
_Researching & learning
_Starting an enterprise
_Practising our faith
_Becoming consumers
_Insuring ourselves
_Taking decisions
_Having fun
-Creating culture

Find out more about how the five dimensions

_Individual needs
_Organisations and markets
_Norms and values

impact on the ways in which you meet your everyday needs.

In ten closing 'Theses' the authors spotlight what will be needed for the sustainable world of tomorrow.

_15 everyday activities and their significance for a sustainable world
_210 suggestions and ideas for a better world
_10 theses
_44 charts on all the activities for personal presentation
_Access to the latest TED Talks that are relevant to sustainability