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Cesaral iCalc Pro

iPhone / iPad
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Enhanced now with the awesome Cesaral Invisible Key and iOS 7 calculator!.

This application is not a calculator, it is an outstanding magic trick. The new Cesaral iCalc is the most amazing magic calculator ever created for iPhone, iPod and iPad! The possible magic effects will absolutely thrill you and your audience!

The calculator looks like the standard calculator, but has magic possibilities …whenever you want.

For iPhone version, there are two different calculators. The normal calculator where you can perform simple calculations and do not have any trick. Tapping on "%" will trigger the magical calculator, which looks like the standard iPhone calculator, just to avoid any suspicion.

To access the secret area for instructions and how-to’s, in the magical mode for iPhone, perform the following steps:
* iOS 5,6 : Tap “mc” three times with an internet connection available.
* iOS 7 : Keep pressing “C” for 4 seconds with an internet connection available.

For the iPad version tap “mc” three times with an internet connection available and you will access the secret area.

If you own a Cesaral Invisible Key device, you can configure it in the Settings application of your device for more unbelievable tricks.

Here are some examples of the magic effects you can perform with it:

-Effect Description 1
The Magician puts an envelope in full view. Several audience members add different numbers with a calculator until they decide to stop adding numbers. An audience member opens the envelope and finds a 4 digit number that matches the number on the calculator.

-Effect Description 2
The Magician writes down a 3 digit number prediction and gives it to an audience member. He asks a different audience member to type any 3 digit number into the calculator, and then asks another audience member to divide this number by another 3 digit number. When the “=” key is pressed, a decimal number is shown on the display, and the last 3 digits of this number match the prediction of the magician.

Now if you get a the amazing Cesaral Invisible Key incredible additional effects can be performed even without touching the iPhone:

-Effect Description 3
The Magician asks an audience member to examine the calculator and steps away. Then the Magician gives him 9 sealed envelopes containing 9 different predictions. The spectator is asked to freely select one of them. The Magician then tells the spectator to do his own mathematical equations into the calculator, using any random numbers. Other spectators are also invited to make further random calculations. When the last spectator decides he has finished, he presses the equal key to get the result, which he will find matches the prediction selected, exactly.

Cesaral Magic ( is a worldwide well known brand of magic products for professionals that have been delivering magic products for the last 15 years to the magic community.