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Animation Moving Samples 5

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Animation Moving Samples
Part 5 - FEELINGS -

Using 8 frame per seconds is good enough for animation, please watch !

We are now working on Japanese version.

All Sample Animations are drawn as playing 8 Frame per Second.
(Some of Japanese TV animation use 8 frame per seconds and convert to 30 frame per seconds.)
There are 19 animation samples.

You can look at them and imitate movements.

E01 Feeling proud
E02 Apologizing
E03 Dozing
E04 Sweating
E05 Laughing
E06 Smiling
E07 Crying
E08 Putting out his tongue
E09 Being surprised
E10 Crying loudly
E11 Scratching his head
E12 Rubbing his eyes
E13 Closing her eyes
E14 Winking
E15 Being hit by a ball
E16 Giving a whistle
E17 Saying "YO-U-KO-SO"(Welcome)
E18 Pronouncing a vowel (A, I, U, E, O, N)
E19 Angry

Animation By Suzuki Shinichi
He has been a career animator for over 40 years in Japan.
And he worked with OSAMU TEZUKA & FUJIKO FUJIO, etc.