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History of Spaceflight - Video and Images

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All the best videos and images from 50 years of NASA manned spaceflight. Includes the early Mercury and Gemini programs, the Apollo missions to the Moon, the Space Shuttle years and finally the International Space Station. Features over an hour of historic video footage plus 69 high-resolution photographs from the Apollo and Space Shuttle programs. All images and original footage courtesy NASA.

Videos featured:
* Project Mercury – 7 min – classic cold war relic from 1962 about the first "free men" in space.
* Gemini Program – 8 min – looks at these two-crewed missions from the mid-1960s – featuring the first rendezvous in space, spacewalks and first long duration missions.
* Apollo Program – 25 min – looks at Apollo 8 (first mission to the Moon) Apollo 11 (first landing) plus Apollos 15 and 17. Also features 36 images of the Moon and astronaut activity on the surface.
* Skylab Space Station – 5 min – NASA's first space station – looks at experiments performed and acrobatic displays.
* Space Shuttle – 11 min – features funny moments from the 30 year Shuttle program – working and playing in the weightlessness of space. Plus 33 images of Shuttle launch, in space and Earth views.
* International Space Station – 14 min – looks at the history of the Station and features a tour of the current station set up.