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Solar System News 1: Sun and Inner Planets - Video and Images

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All the latest videos and images from space probes sent to explore the Sun and inner planets Mercury, Venus and Mars, plus numerous Asteroids. Also features a program about the Earth and exploration of the Moon. Includes almost an hour of video and over 100 high-resolution images. All images and original footage courtesy NASA & ESA.

Videos featured:
* Summary – 5 min – looks at the evolution of the Solar System and then gives a brief summary of the Sun each of the inner planets.
* The Sun – 5 min – looks at the energy that drives the Sun and the probes sent to explore it.
* Mercury – 10 min – looks at the discoveries made by the Messenger probe now in orbit around the innermost planet. Also includes 27 images from Messenger.
* Venus – 8 min – concentrates on the discoveries made by Venus Express, but also looks at past missions to the planet. Features 22 images from these probes.
* Earth and Moon – 7 min – features a series of images of the Earth from Space, then looks at the Smart 1 lunar probe and a future Lunar Lander. Features 23 images of the Earth and 13 Moon images.
* Mars – 17 min – contains all the latest news from the landers and orbitters currently exploring the Red Planet, including 8 min on the Mars Rovers. 55 images cover all aspects of the planet and its two small moons.
* Asteroids – 6 min – looks at space probe encounters with asteroids such as Eros, Steins and Lutetia. 26 images feature the best images taken of asteroids from space probes.