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Solar System News 2: Outer Planets - Video and Images

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All the latest videos and images from space probes sent to explore the outer planets Jupiter (Galileo), Saturn (Cassini), Uranus and Neptune (Voyager). Also features programs about Comets and Dwarf Planets such as Pluto and Eris. Includes almost an hour of video and over 100 high-resolution images. All images and original footage courtesy NASA & ESA.

Videos featured:
* Summary – 5 min – looks at the evolution of the Solar System and then summarizes each of the outer planets.
* Jupiter – 10 min – presents the discoveries made by the Voyager and Cassini missions about the planet, its moons and rings. 31 images cover the planet and its four Galilean moons.
* Saturn – 17 min – features all the latest news from the Cassini mission to planet, its rings and moons, especially Titan and Enceladus. Also features news from the recent equinox of Saturn. 26 images.
* Uranus – 5 min – highlights from the Voyager encounter of 1986. 11 images.
* Neptune – 6 min – highlights from the Voyager encounter of 1989. 12 images.
* Dwarf Planets – looks at the New Horizons encounter with Pluto in 2015 and summarizes trans-Neptunian objects. 13 images.
* Comets – 9 min – introduces the various types of comets, then looks at the Rosetta and Deep Impact missions to comets. 12 images.