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Universe News 1: Stars and Stellar Evolution - Video and Images

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These videos and images provide an introduction to the basics of stellar evolution; how stars are born, the source of their energy, and how they die as Red Giants, White Dwarfs, Supernovae and Black Holes. Most of the videos are ESA programs about the latest discoveries from Hubble and ground telescopes, looking at star birth, star death and star clusters. Includes over 45 minutes of video and 58 high-resolution images. Video programs courtesy of ESA. Images: NASA/ESA.

Videos featured:
* Stars – introduction – 9 min – provides a summary of the energy that drives stars, and how changes in this energy source lead to the death of stars as Red Giants and white dwarfs or supernovae and black holes. 12 images include diagrams and artist views.
* Star Birth – 12 min – features four ESA programs concerning the birth of stars in Nebulae in the Large Magellanic Cloud, Carina and Orion. Looks at Hubble discoveries about proto-planetary discs in Orion. 14 images of nebulae.
* Star Death – 11 min – three programs looking at a mass loss star, a supernova remnant, and the black hole that lies at the centre of our galaxy. 19 images of planetary nebulae.
* Star Clusters – 12 min – looks at the starburst open cluster, then two programs on globulars. 13 images of open and globular clusters.