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SlideRule HD

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The slide rule can be calculated by moving a fixed scale (outside scale), the sliding scale (scale on the inside), and the cursor, and reading the scale.
In respect on the popular side, multiplication, the dividing calculation, the square, the cube, the square root, the cube root, and the common logarithm can be calculated.
In respect on the other side, trigonometric and the naturalized logarithm can be calculated.

- Fine-tuning function (the cursor, the sliding scale)
In the cursor and in the sliding scale, the fine-tuning button appears by doing "Long push", and every one pixel can be moved.

- Cursor call function
The cursor moves immediately by doing the outside scale in the double tap.

- Function for scale coming off
The position of "1" and the position of "10" can change immediately places by doing the inside scale in the triple tap, and it do for "Come off".

Then, please enjoy the operation of "Slide rule".