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Control Baby Gender

iPhone / iPad
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Congratulations on downloading the best available guide to choosing your baby’s gender.
First, let me introduce myself. I am neither a doctor nor a fortune teller but I am a lover of knowledge. The information presented in this site is not the fruit of my imagination; it is the result of hard work and continuous search for answers.

Have you ever wondered that if it was that easy to predict the gender of the baby, how come other applications keep getting it wrong? After all, it is a 50/50 chance to get it right! Why is this application any different, you ask! Our application applies a more scientific approach to this "guessing" dilemma, enough to eliminate the guessing factor.

We do not just tell you what the gender of the baby growing inside of you is; we also provide you with a detailed report outlining a 2 years schedule to help you plan ahead the gender of your future baby.

If like many people you are interested in choosing the sex of your baby, All you need to do, is check our app and look for the instructions that suits you, to turn your dream into reality by conceiving the boy or girl that you want.

Few Testimonials to mention :

"After Having 3 girls, we were blessed by a baby boy; just by applying what you advised us to do. I think it is very thoughtful of you to compile your findings in an App for everyone to benefit from. At least future moms won’t call you in the middle of the night to ask what they should eat as I used to.

Michael keeps on saying how happy he is to have a son whom he can play basketball with. I am already telling everyone about your Iphone App and I hope everyone planning to have a child installs it and applies its simple instructions.

Kerstin and Michael
Ottawa, Canada "

" Its great to know that you have published a new Ipad/Iphone App which can give the instructions for couples who wants to determine in advance the gender of their baby. Thanks a million for your advice, you truly brought joy to us and helped us complete our family the way we always dreamt of. We will continue to tell others about our experience, we believe so much in your system.

Adel & Maya
Dubai, U.A.E. "

" I feel obliged to send you this email to tell you that my dream became true, and I delivered a baby boy after having 2 girls. I must thank you for your council. You always mentioned that the chances of success of your program are 95%, well for me, it was 100%. I encourage every woman to go by your instructions; they are so simple yet so efficient. and to have everything on an Iphone / Ipad App, is a wonderful cool idea.

Hong Kong"

Eventhough the proven track record of success of this application is extremely high, Control Baby Gender is not responsible for the accuracy of the predictions. You agree that your use of this application is entirely of your free choice and that this application is provided without any certification, guarantee or conditions of any sort.