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This utility allows you to easily look up words in multiple search engines and dictionary apps by acting as a "Hub" to those apps.

It monitors the clipboard in the background for ten minutes for iOS6 and three minutes for iOS7, and notifies you when you copy any word in other apps. If you tap the notification message, SearchHub will launch and start search in a dictionary app.

It also allows you to enter words remotely from your PC/Mac/iOS devices and look up in the iOS device. The search result will be displayed on the iOS device. (For this function to work, you need to connect to the same Wi-Fi network.)

Internal browser and many 3rd-party browsers are supported.

Following engines are supported:
- Google
- Map
- iTunes
- App Store
- Music library(search & play)
- Midori
- Kotoba!
- Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 5th
- American Heritage® Dictionary — 4th/5th Edition
- Oxford Deluxe (Oxford Dictionary of English & Oxford Thesaurus of English powered by UniDict®)
- Longman English-Japanese Dictionary
- Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary
- Collins Cobuild Advanced Dictionary (DIOTEK)
- Collins COBUILD Advanced Dictionary (Monokakido)
- Collins COBUILD Advanced Dictionary English/Japanese (Monokakido)
- DioDict 3 English-Korean
- OneLook Dictionary (via browser)
- Wikipanion
- Articles
- Tweetbot
- GuruDic
- Terminology

Following Japanese apps are supported:
- Daijirin (Jpn-Jpn Dictionary)
- Daijisen (Jpn-Jpn Dictionary)
- Dejizo
- Kadokawa RUIGO (Jpn Thesaurus)
- WISDOM English Japanese
- Super Anchor Eng-Jpn-Eng Dictionary
- Petit Royal Français Japonais
- Access Deutsch Japanisches
- Access De-Ja Ja-De
- Crown Ja-Cn Cn-Ja
- Shogakukan Progressive En-Ja Ja-En
- Luminous English⇔Japanese Dictionary
- Shogakukan Español Japonés
- Shogakukan Italiano Giapponese
- Shogakukan Random House
- Shogakukan Cn-Ja Ja-Cn Dictionary
- BitEx Chinese Japanese Dictionary
- Kodansha Pax Chinese-Japanese-Chinese Dictionary
- Large modern lyrics Chinese Scripture
- iDict+
- EBPocket Professional
- Illustrated Book of Fish 1000
- iEijiro In App Purchase
- HandyEijiro In App Purchase 
- pdico 
- GNewzPro
- choical
- withEver
- Recipe Search for iPhone
- Ace Crown
- Kids Crown
- Reikai Kokugo Jiten
- Twittin
- DioTek Japanese-Korean Dictionary
- Minjung's Essence Jap-Kor Kor-Jap(with Blue icon)
- FastReference
- Kanjiten
- DicWalker

You can also perform following operations from the Web browser:
- Open URL
Sends the text in the textbox to the iOS device and opens it.
- Send to iOS Clipboard
Sends the text in the textbox to the clipboard on the iOS device.
- Get iOS Clipboard
Receives and displays the text from the clipboard on the iOS device.

Other features include:
- Universal app for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad
- Search history
- Custom search engines
- Accesskey 0 to 9 for the first ten search buttons from Web browser
- Drag & Drop search via search buttons from Web browser

Support via twitter: unitkay