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Play It

iPhone / iPad
  • Music
  • Entertainment
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Play It is a beautiful app to control your music with gestures. You can play music, podcasts and audiobooks. It's the perfect music player for on the road and you can personalize the looks of Play It with multiple themes.

♫ Controls
With Play it you can control your music with gestures. Simply touch the screen to play of pause the current song. With a simple swipe you can switch to the next or current track.

Skip to any point in a song, by dragging the playhead along the scrubber bar. Slide your finger up or down to adjust the scrub rate.

♫ Menu
By swiping with one finger to the right you can simply go to the previous screen. By swiping with two finger to the right you can quickly go back to the main menu.

♫ Now Playing
You can go to the now playing screen, by tapping the album art in the menu. To leave the now playing screen, you also have to tap the album art.

♫ iCloud
With iCloud, the settings you make on one device, will automatically appear on all your devices.

♫ Fullscreen
With the fullscreen mode, you can enjoy every pixel of your favorite tracks. Tap twice, or pinch on the artwork in the now playing screen to enter, or leave the fullscreen mode. In this mode you can also tap the artwork to play or pause the music.

♫ Social
If you want to share the music your listening, you can do that with Play It. Tap with 2 fingers In the now playing screen to share your songs via Twitter of Facebook.

♫ Fast Shuffle
Tap the shuffle button in the main menu to quickly shuffle your music and listen to your songs in a random order. Tap and hold the button to shuffle a selected playlist.

♫ Current Song's Album
If you like a track and want to view it's album, you can tap twice on the artwork in the main menu to view the current song's album.

♫ Themes & Colors
You can simply changes the looks of Play It by chaining it's theme. Select a accent color for the details and choose between a light or dark background. If you want more than that, you are also able to change the background, text and detail text colors.

♫ Searching
With Play It you can search for a song, album, artist or genre by swiping to the left in the menu.

♫ Play Album
Tap on the artwork of an album in the albums section to quickly play the selected album.

♫ Features
• iCloud intergration
• Multiple themes
• Sharing via Twitter or Facebook
• Fullscreen mode
• Gestures
• AirPlay support
• Uses your iPod Library
• Plays music, podcasts and audiobooks
• Shuffle and repeat your music
• Search for your favorite song, album, artist or genre
• iOS 6 and iPhone 5 support