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Share Screen Server iPad edition

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update 2012/03/05
Add the following function
■Supports external output
※Apple Digital AV adapter and Apple VGA adapter was tested.
※Please connect to the adapter at run time Client mode.

In 「Share Screen Server iPad edition」, The Web screen which you are carrying out with Server mode can share the device which you carry out with Client mode.

The effective range is as follows.
Bluetooth arrives.Even if the Client side does not participate in the network, you are possible.

The same local network.That you can deliver it when segments are different is non-inspection.

※Difference between WiFi and Bluetooth
You are high-resolution whereas a picture declines to some extent because you compress data by Bluetooth way because you do not compress it when it is WiFi

※The number of the biggest connection (the number of simultaneous Client) does not have the upper limit in a design.
However, on account of the development, I cannot perform inspection of the simultaneous connection with dozens of number.

If a person connected with a large quantity of devices comes, I am happy if I have the result have a feeding bag.
In addition, approve the point beforehand if the number of the connection increases because there is it when time lag occurs for the update of the screen.

※You cannot be connected when you do not validate "Bluetooth" in the General Controls of the device.

■How to
【A delivery method: Server mode】
1、You start 「Share Screen Server iPad edition」
2、You start in 【Server】
3、The start setting inputs 「Private Key(※1)」 and chooses 【WiFi】 or 【Bluetooth】
4、You choose WiFi-Button on the right side of the upper part bar or Bluetooth-Button if it becomes the screen which you delivered
5、A screen is delivered to Client

【A reception method: Client mode】
1、You start 「Share Screen Server iPad edition」
2、You start in 【Client】
3、The start setting inputs 「Private Key(※1)」 and chooses 【WiFi】 or 【Bluetooth】
4、You search the connection that the cause can receive 「Private Key(※1)」 automatically
5、If connection is found, You am connected and wait for data to be delivered
6、If data are delivered, an image is displayed

※1、When you want to confine delivery to an authorized person, you set it.
When 「Private Key」 is set, it is connected to only Client which set same 「Private Key」.
It may be connected to unspecified number of Client when you leave 「Private Key」 blanks.

【Server mode】
1、Web browser function (bookmark, update, search to advance to return)
2、Screen delivery function
3、Animation setting of the screen update

【Client mode】
1、Reading of delivery data

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