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Fun Park

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Entertainment
  • Family
  • Puzzle
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***** 6 great games in 1 *****

Exciting gameplay, great graphics and excellent sound for your pleasure!
Finally iPad/iPhone version is available in App Store.
Have fun, practice your skills and relax at the same time! 6 games in 1! Try it!

Main Features:
* Compatible with both iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch;
* Fun Park implements the theme of amusement park;
* Six mini games in one pack, related to each other by total score;
* Exciting and addictive gameplay, intuitive interface;
* LeaderBoard from Game Center and inner High scores table;
* Original rich graphics and animation;
* Possibility to choose background music or ambient.
* Super-realistic and discreet sounds;
* Clear and user-friendly Help;
* Sharpens your mind by training different skills: visual memory, attention and concentration, logical thinking, reaction and arithmetic.

Fun Park provides you with six high quality mini games one attraction - A Ferris wheel. It’s is created for kids and adults of all ages. You will surely enjoy its gameplay, visual effects, animation, ability to choose background sound. This is very addictive game and it’s worth your attention.

Spin the Ferris wheel with “GO” button. Initially you are given 15 spins, but you can get more with various bonuses. Watch the red arrow to reveal the choice: selected mini game, bonus or loss.

***Funny railway*** On the upper railway track the freight train arrives that needs to be unloaded. Its wagons contain boxes of various gifts. The task is to collect as many gifts of the same type as possible in every train below. Except for the boxes the freight train may carry bonuses and surprises: a bomb, an anvil, joker and х2 multiplier. This game develops logic and strategic planning.

***Match pairs*** You need to find as many pairs of matching cards as possible in 50 seconds. Matched pairs remain open in the next start of the mini game until the game board (6 x 8 cards) is complete. Get the bonus for the completed game board. This game will sharpen your mind by training visual memory and ability to concentrate attention.

*** Slot machine*** Slot Machine is a simulation of the popular casino game. It gives you the choice of five betting options! Make your stakes to win more! Try to squeeze out of it maximum possible! True randomness of symbol combinations that fall out on the reel. No time limits. 10 strikes in one mini game.

***Ballons*** Pop the balloons with certain numbers to get total result. The target is colored green and is indicated in the lower left corner. Subtotal is pointed next to it. Time limit - 50 seconds. This game develops math skills and reaction speed.

***Fruit Hunt*** You need to catch the most expensive fruit in the set, according to the cost indication bar in the lower left corner. Do it quickly to earn more points. You may also catch an alarm clock, which gives either 15 extra or 10 less seconds of minigame play time, and a basket , which contains either 2 extra or 1 less spins. The choice of the hidden bonus is determined randomly. Time limit - 50 seconds. This game trains your memory and reaction.

***Magic flowerbed*** Fold sunshades and look underneath a line of 8 identical flowers. Each unfolded sunshade gives 15 points at the end of mini game. You may try to find +2 spins bonus. Beware of loss, which is also present among the flowers. No time limits. The game develops your concentration and logical thinking.


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